Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Loyalty Has an Expiration Date - From Meltdown to magnificent

If I am guilty of anything it's that I used to love my children more than myself. That their happiness was more important than mine. That is not true anymore. And every  mother who wants a balanced life , a career , business , self- esteem and true happiness must pursue her heart felt dreams as well. I will never, please do not ever, base your happiness on the actions of anyone, not anyone. Not even your own kids. Others actions or lack thereof  does not define who you are or will become. 

Years ago no matter where I was, no matter what I was doing I would always call my mom for New Years Eve.

Today 1/1/2014 it does not surprise me that my son, he knows who he is, (I think he does) has as of yet not called me. Does it surprise me? No, as he is and has been self serving.

The fun part about having a mother that is a writer is that if you piss her off enough someday, somehow what you did say and how you treated your mama will wind up here for the whole world to see. 

The Best part about being me is that I look so totally young because I harbor no ill will. I managed this because I usually tell those that cross my boundaries of safety, precisely what I think.
I have held on long enough so these are the events of last year and the menu sucked, it tasted bad and so I changed it.

Last year's menu
I, for the first time started to trust a female friend. My former roommate .While I was looking for a place for us both to go to safely, even willing to pay the rent myself , buying food for her when she did not have money ( and that was on a Walmart salary, she worked for attorneys) to help her so we could leave our harassing apt managers, she, well she was busy. She was busy sabotaging me. When she cried I was there, when she had her hissy fits due to being dumped for being volatile by her bf and drinking daily I was there. Still I did my best to not even charge her sorry ass when I moved out for the electricity out of disgust.

She was good at lying to her friends. In fact, one of her friends, allegedly a good psychic was set up by her to get information about her from me. Honestly, did you think I fell for that? LOL That was so  lame to have your best friend pretend she was angry with youso she could pose  as your enemy to get me to talk about you.

What is sad is that I really liked her daughter. She is a good kid. Her son is pretty nice guy to. 
Good Riddance. She is now living with a drunk, who she claims is a pig, his pets poop on the rug. And I? I am enjoying her karma well deserved.

Then there was my son, whom with all seemingly good intentions moved heaven and earth to get me to move back to Oregon. I moved instead to the Oregon Coast to keep my distance as I was still healing form his past neglect when I was in a wheelchair, drug rip-off mama and now a recovery. I was very very proud of him. So I came back.

So I moved from the Oregon Coast to Portland. Then shortly thereafter my son's humiliations, degrading his mama to defend my  socio path  roommate ( he was dating her daughter)  and she , the whacko was like a mom to him years ago. Currently a socio path and drug addict prostitute ( Oh I knew that then but my boy refused to listen to me. Did it hurt? Yes very much to come back here from a sunny state of New Mexico,forgiving him, trusting him and have him throw his own mama under the bus. That was sick and sad. So I had two roomates, the socio path and the drinkie drunkie .

This particular whacko tried to assault me with her crack head boy toy. However, the worst thing you can do to a Puerto Rican is to try to corner us in a kitchen with lots of knives. I pulled out my cell instead and called 911 instead. 

Oh yes my son, after being called by the socio path roommate minutes after the kitchen scenerio called him, my son. He , my son,  showed up with the socio path's daughter, whom he was dating and in front of my new roommate who witnessed all, and the Portland Police he defended the crack head  instead of me, his own mama. Well, I told him I was going to go get a child that did love me. And I did . In no uncertain terms, my quiet sweet skinny one stuck up for me. I was so hurt , that her loving gesture saved me again from my son bashing me, and his hurting me so much. 

 And to punish me after I forgave him for all his previous bullshit decides to take my TV he gave me and the rug, the shame was more than he could bear so he returned them.
Oh yes that sociopath whom at this writing is in a crack house as a prostitute. And after begging her daughter to bring her food throws the food in her daughters face because she brought her no cigarettes that is who he stuck up for. Oh yeah she ripped him off too. Good luck with that.

So again, the foolish mama trusts this kid. And this time, exhausted mama asked for his help to move. Mind you I have moved this kids stuff out of apts before by myself cause he disappeared .. He refused to help me saying he was tired and his day off. I get that. Just tell me when. When he did not offer when and I was not asking for help that day yes I was upset. I did what any mama does " The Guilt Trip". Gee though a week before I had signed a 30k car for him etc etc. .He claimed he was busy/ Gee wish I was busy before I signed a 30k car for him.hmmm Ok you get the picture. Normal mother child thing "clean your room" you do not do anything in this house ete etc kindof process here. 

Ok. I went over to his house. TO MAKE PEACE, Guess what he said to me in front of my daughter who started to cry. My son started with "what the hell are you doing here; get the fuck out of here or I will call the police.WTF? I was asking for help moving? 

There I was kindly asking my son for help, tired from working graveyard and just wanting his help. I did not yell, I said I came over to make peace. When he picked up the phone to actually call the police on me I was shocked, like what the hell? Is he crazy? My daughter forced him to tell 911 to forget it. My daughter’s boy friend was there who is Mexican  and he was livid. I mean he stormed out of the room and said nothing because he knew in disgust what my son tried doing to me , what my son said to me was beyond horrible . No one should ever speak to their mama like that. There was no reason for him to talk to me like that. Asisde from the cultural offense this was bad. 

That did it for me. I drew the line in the sand for him to never ever cross it again. I used to make excuses for him, blame everything , and everyone except him. My heart could never believe until now he had tried to cause me harm. That was his loss forever. Loyalty has an expiration date. Expired.

Come 2014 today
I did the finishing touches to my website as we launch a million dollar business to help physically and emotionally battered women. I did sit on my emotions. I figured there were so many out there like me, or worse. 

This year we are on target to create what has never been done before. A virtual, visual journey to a new head space. A new perspective for women all over the world. Using Quantum Physics we are able to harness the principles of frequency to assist the client in altering their frequencies. Change your mind, change your life. 

I have placed a delicious tasty order to the Universe. I love the taste so far. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I wrote this in 2006, in a trance..Yes I am Trance writer wow I love my own stuff...LOL

JUST WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR                                                                                        "Man can not fulfill his full potential while he is Fixated on his daily struggle to survive. When one is no longer Fixated on this struggle, he is free to pursue other endeavors." 

Welcome. Here is where you get results. David Cameron states it beautifully. He says it all starts by understanding your world. Here you will understand your world and how to create with the Energy Source. Are willing to learn from the best of the best out there who teach wealth consciousness? Sure you are cause this is what yo have been looking for.

Want to be rich, prosperous? Healthy? You've come to the right  place. How do you connect with your frequency for health? Frequency for wealth ?

This site was designed with the intention to end all confusion, conflicts and eliminate obstacles that prevented you from your state of BEING able to manifest all of your dreams ,goals and wishes. Here is the Best of the Best. The top coaches in their fields who are getting results. Results you deserve. Here is where the buck stops with information overload and a streamlined connection to THE ENERGY SOURCE begins. Here and now.

Brad Yates  & Jo Vitale from  MONEY BEYOND BELIEF state it beautifully to achieve wealth frequency and have money beyond belief:

Every issue that you have exists because your subconscious wants to protect you. It's not your fault. It's just that part of you is being very meticulous about staying safe.

Imagine if you could reprogram your brain
and create an "Abundance Operating
System" that made the impossible seem
 You see, Quantum Physics tells us that everything in the universe is really just "pockets" of energy that flash on and off. What's more, all of these little pockets are mere potentials. 

Lets start cooking up a new you with these packets of pockets shall we? This is the kitchen where you create the recipes of success , where you place your order to the universe and it delivers .
There was no need to reinvent the wheel. There are experts and honest loving, wealthy consciousness people who have the skills, the answers YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR.
My passion is to connect you to those people, programs, seminars and anything you choose to create. Now you will have those skills to do just that.

Most are Free. Free means a blessing to you. Not cheap.

Lets say the buck stops here. Everything and everyone who can add value to your life  has contributed here for the single purpose to help you find and achieve your dreams.

Goals, dreams  are simply vibrations you choose. Yes. You choose what you want to create . How do you do this?

Well, the truth is we are VIBRATIONAL TRANSMITTERS. But as important as   transmitters we  are  VIBRATIONAL  RECEIVERS. The reap what you so concept.Learning to use our transmitters correctly we must learn to resonate with what we want.

Quantum physics confers this . The process initiates always at the wish, the dream, the goal by our thoughts and beliefs of what is important to us.So what is import-ant. To you? The purpose of your being?

Guess what.  We are here for just one reason.
That reason is to be happy. To practice at our skills at being “creators”. That is our mission.

Why do you want  to be rich? Ask yourself why? Is it for the status, is it for the enjoyment of expensive homes, cars or whatever else money can buy? Why do you want that special someone in your life? Simple . You want to feel joy and happiness.

Yes you are a  creator  sent here to do just that ..create. You want these things because the question behind the question is that you are seeking only one thing. .Happiness.
So how does someone create to make the objects appear to have this happiness ? How does the inner manifest into the outer? You’re here now.That’s the first step.

What is that process, what does it take to get what you want in this lifetime? CHOICES AND AGREEMENTS YOU MAKE WITH YOURSELF by becoming
One with the goal, the dream the wish.

What prevents you are the CONVERSATIONS IN PROGRESS. Conversations you create through  your thoughts, words and feelings and  beliefs. Conversations from your cellular memory .  In the beginning there was the word and God breathed air into it. And it created.
Hey this is not joke . This is as for real as you can get. Remember this always.

You see you are a walking talking tower of Bable. Bable was the tower that was created initially for everyone with a common goal. Initially they all spoke the same language. But due to their lack of  acceptance of their own divinity   everyone started speaking in different tongues and could not understand each others.
YOU ARE STILL SPEAKING IN DIFFERENT TONGUES. In order for you to communicate with your creative mind that makes everything happen you must become aware what conversations are going on.

How do you determine what conversations are going on ? Which ones create what you want and which ones are preventing you from that?

Yes you are a  creator  sent here to do just that ..create. You want these things because the question behind the question is that you are seeking only one thing. .Happiness.

So how does someone create to make the objects appear to have this happiness. What is that process, what does it take to get what you want in this lifetime?
Easy. That easy. Again, You must become one with the goal, the dream the wish. You must vibrate at the same rate as the dream wish, goal.
Learn here: 


Discovering the Inner Powers of Hawaiian Healing

Huna kupua- the ancient Polynesian system for health and inner transformation,

The Adventurer's Quest brings an ancient view of healing inner conflicts to the forefront of the conscious mind. It releases innate powers that all people possess, giving examples and techniques on enhancing these abilities to change one's old beliefs to a new, more effective means of working with life's challenges. The quest is to realize that everything is at our fingertips and to find practical ways to get it. Sharing these steps to personal power, love and achievement is your gift from The Adventurer's Quest.
  2. Discovering the “Conversation in progress”  is not enough. Now it is Essential to develop consistency. Taking specific actions, new words, thoughts that  launch you like a rocket into  Automatic manifest. Yes, every step, every move you make is specific to your goal. Your target…or bust…this you will learn at Mind master, internet guru and I love to call him Mark Joyner “off the charts” anyone with any sense of success quotes Mark, associates with Mark Joyner and learns from the best. You need this course to make any kind of changes stick.
  3. Life is not what we learn it is what we ALLOW. Yes allow. I could help you , guide you to stick thoughts and words up your ying yang but unless your are willing we will get nowhere. There’s the train just sitting on the track. Ever feel this way..Ok you’ve read this far so you have. Next step: Your MIND- SET must be open to receive. How many stories have you heard of people, maybe yourself who achieve great wealth and lose it all. Why? Why do these fortunate few blow it? Yes your getting it…Lack of Allow- hence no actually long-term life changes.
This is how you fix this get this book ” Be open to receive”, by Catherine Ponder” and this one. Edween GAINES, ONE of the  most prized and cherished teachers on prosperity will guide you to truth and laughter , tears and results.Edwene Gaines the best prosperity mentor on the planet.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Meltdown to Magnificent.. In the beginning...Tho must Feng Shui thyself

 "If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain "
" I didn't say it would be easy, Neo. I just said it would be the truth."
We've survived by hiding from them, by running from them. But they are the gatekeepers. They are guarding all the doors, they are holding all the keys. Which means that sooner or later, someone is going to have to fight them. 
I stand here without fear because I remember. I remember that I am here not because of the path that lies before me but because of the path that lies behind me.  

In the beginning we were all created with the same nervous system that functions to this day in the same way. Lets start there.

Now this same nervous system has as its communication system  the liquid the goo of all our thoughts inner, outer and yes the thoughts of those around us or energetically picking up on the signal, our transmitters, our radio station.. FM 100 ME.

So now with that in mind, LOL and throughout our entire body and being are these embedded karmic emotions both known and unknown to us on a conscious and sub conscious level. Lets say many of us know this. True. But to know is one thing and to change this process or rather to upgrade YOU is another story.

Ok. So here is the true story above about the science factors. Now for the not yet known , which are getting proven everyday to be the real determinants of our karma. Consider we are here as image makers, creators. And in this creation every single cell in our body has all information.When we create these children within us, we give it human parentage.I used to think of them as children, my children I created, but some of these kids within us grow up and get pretty pesky, loud and inner speak violence at times.

So , since I AM, and have always been a solution based person I came up with some techniques that will sure fire, right as rain take you from meltdown to magnificent. 

Think of your life as a set of icons on your life computer. Everything you do and others in your life click on these icons. They trigger and run the program . That is when you realize you are out of control. They have pushed your buttons, your ICONS and run the program without your consent in your body.   "Oh no you didnt go there" ahahh. 
So if you have ever experienced this take heart it can change. It will take some effort on your part. Make yourself the priority. 

Start here: You must understand from the depths of you that you will need to go down the rabbit hole. I mean deep down. Never ever go down without a lifeline. You may get stuck in all your crap and never come out. That is why people have anxiety attacks. 

Process: The lifeline is to take responsibility for all your shit. I mean all of it. Until you do you are the porta potty. You own it you created it, these are your kids, grown , not grown, nasty mean thoughts kids, viciousness adult kids, autistic kids, sociopath kids and adults you gave human parentage too   Yes you got them all. So accept and forgive yourself. I mean not like a victim thing. You must be open to receive this . You will get to love this process just this part is an ouchy. Yes you sweet creator time to recreate.

Next face your I am sorry ass to a mirror and say to yourself, I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME AND THANK YOU.  What that will do is to open you to receive Love of yourself ( you will need this big time), forgiveness for yourself, "I am sorry" will allow you to take responsibility for this, and last and most important GRATITUDE. The word gratitude is grace . It represents the grace of God. It releases you from human bondage because for the first time you are no longer a victim. You are grateful which magnetizes goodness, it transmits good frequency and allows you to receive higher more productive frequencies.You can also find an old picture of yourself and say this that works too.

Then you become the landlord of your home, your body mind. You have been the manager all along and did not even know it. This is your damn house and anybody, any energies that you allowed to live there within you are living there rent free inside you sucking you up. 
SOOOOOOOOOO like any good landlord of the slums.. EVICT THEM. Hand each and everyone you got, you can find, you can think of or have blamed for screwing up your life and give them a notice. 24 hr , 72 whatever you think you need. 

You then become the inner sheriff and enforce this. 
THIS IS VITAL: When ever you evict you must replace or a void is created that is set up with the same frequencies to attract all over gain. You will get the same type of inner slum tenant living within back unless you are fully aware of this.
The eviction notice must be kind, You are here in violation of keeping me form getting rich etc etc. you are here in violation for my being fat your are get the picture. . 

Now you must stop being a slum landlord and get better quality tenants. That will take work and  time but since you are the leasing manager of your life and you created the space they live in at least have some respect for the good they provided. There is always good. There is always benefit whether you see it now or later. 

Take for example the wife whose husband left her unexpectedly. She is and has been perilously angry, degraded. So she determines to get a makeover figuratively. She becomes so beautiful and that ex drove her to push herself further. To go back to school, to become all the things he thought she was not. Amazing. See know you are grateful for the son of a bitch and maybe you are not even calling him names.

Then you can practice every night with all your days events demagnetizing the ones you have that day. Change the story of how it happened. Every day you must do this before you rest. This stops you from creating naughty feelings and thoughts even if you have had a bad day. You see that bad day creates too and will attract more for your porta potty if you do not handle it like this. It attracts the frequencies like itself.

Lastly and most important as well, hug yourself. I mean hug yourself. Not others hugging you, hug yourself. Pat your self on the back, on the ass whatever you feel makes you feel rewarded. Do something good for yourself everyday just for the effort you are putting forth. Take a long hot bath. 
Then blank out. I mean go see a movie, a play, the opera, hiking , a concert. Do something fun. Or just lay in your PJ's loving yourself in your new home you created.

You are basically cleaning up your neuro network, resetting the secretions for optimum life function. Or to put in Feng Shui terms you are allowing chi to flow within, you are Feng shuing yourself. From ghetto to great. Yes baby it works. 

Next I will write about what you must do to ADD or subtract such as friends, jobs, situations and close their account to your emotional bank. Face it many of us have friends  or associate's that overdrafts us in one way or another. To them you will put them on notice of an overdraft. Since you set the rules to your life bank you can close their account up permanently or they will need to keep their account in your life in good standing. 

I have also found Nalalie Ledwel, Rikka Zimmerman, Neville Goddard and especially John Dupuy brainwave technology to make this process faster and very effective. Do check them out . Meditation is key to calming your mind, the monkey mind. 

John Dupuy of IAwake technologies will send you a free brain wave download to make the process easier. John said and I quote " The more coherent your entire system, the easier it is to cut through mental and emotional chaos. It can be like having your whole energetic system focused like a laser beam. The highly coherent biofield signals create a field that naturally attracts higher order and complexity out of chaos. " Meditation practice is like an emotional and spiritual roto-rooter."

I will write more about this but start here. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Is there a Mad Hatter in your life?
The Mad hatters, we have all met them, lived with them, worked with them and just want to get away from them. You know the ones that distract you from your life. It’s like they do not have a real life of their own. “Look at me, pay attention to me types.” Infested with the Narcissistic virus “you are now captured, clinging like the dingle berry. Good grief, it has got to stop. 

How to recognize if you have one or several of these wacko bunnies messing with you in your enviromenet. The signs are all around. You are normally punctual, they make you late. You pay your bills on time, they don't  They lie, make excuses and smear your life. Just what the hell is wrong with this picture? But you can’t quite put your finger on it. Like a bad meal that upsets your stomach but you cannot remember what you ate that did it. That is Mad-Hatter

The Mad-hatters Types
The micro managing boss that looks for the spec of evidence on your desk that you were not giving every minute of your breathing to work there LOL. Oh please explain to me why you took such a long potty break? Years ago I came real close to describing just why I had the runs every time I looked at my micro boss and how they could benefit the world and flush themselves down the toilet.  

Or the boyfriend who drags you down the rabbit hole so many times you’re like on this frickin roller coaster up and down emotionally, sexually and spiritually. That was fun at first. Then you wake up feeling addicted to them. This one is the tricky one to get away from. They are sooo good at “THAT” you wish they could just keep their mouth shut while you are in the delight of the act. Or better yet offer them a sock. I did once. I said “baby you know I am a little kinky, how about I put a sock in your mouth that really excites me” ahah the idiot bought it. !!!

Let’s not miss the one child who causes so much drama in your life you wonder if you had remembered to change their poopy diapers when they were babies. This is a rough one as there are so many questions you ask yourself. You beat your sweet brain delving like hawks fishing in the ocean “why, what did I do that they are pulling my mommy strings? Why me? Why don’t they push someone else’s strings?
You try to point just what the hell is wrong with the picture but can’t quite put your finger on it. This one is best handled like I did. Say in as pleasant a voice (yes I know you want to tell them off but don’t) say “honey in all fairness to my other children, yes I have other children remember your other brothers and sisters I cannot devote my entire life paying attention to mostly you,” that is not fair , I have other kids too . That line works pretty good.

Or the drama roommate. I call them affectionately “Draino.”The kind that manipulates you. They are infested with the Narcissistic virus and every moment of your waking life is to serve >>> them. Yes they ask you for advice. You offer, they totally ignore what you said. When it comes to paying the bills you are politely texting, calling trying to be responsible and they pull you down the rabbit hole. You’re like “ Wow do I need to help you be an adult?”
Be careful this is a nasty Mad Hatter. Difficult to get rid of but you have to. They force you to smudge your house and yourself over and over . They appear as Mad hatters but they are MAD HATERS. The victim lack of gratitude stench is all over them.  The world owes them. You just happen to be their world at the moment.  You have to transition these types out of your life. You can’t just get rid of them they are karma Carpet Baggers. In no way would I recommend doing the Madam Dufarge from the Tale of two Cities  “Guillotine , guillotine  off with their  heads . This will just bring another in your life. The best way to fight their virus is gratitude. Say thank you, I appreciate the karmic lesson. Or better yet pray for their happiness “away from you.”  Chant that they find their perfect roommate that is happy to eat their needy soup. You do not want another bowl. No thank you.

I am fortunate enough to have a new roommate now that brings her big girl panties with her. Yippie  

My King Arthur and I did this ping pong thing at first. I must confess I was so busy I really could not answer his calls some times. I would actually disconnect my phone. OR blow heavily into it like there was static. Shit, one time I actually carried a paper bag and crunched it as we were speaking on the cell. “Honey I can’t hear you. Baby what did you say?” Hahah I can be such an eccentric independent bitch to a fault. He is just a passionate guy. I said once that the only thing I wanted clinging to me is my panties. He actually saw through all my crap and said to me point blank” Mama, you can plug your cell phone up your ass to make sure it is charged from now on.” Opps busted. He is now my forever bunny honey.

Good luck with all this.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Prize Fighter

Hurt? Be the Prize fighter

Have you thought that right after a break up, a divorce, an abandoned situation or a he/she just left me for no reason how vulnerable that makes you?
Thinking or maybe not, acting out is more likely what will happen next. How not to be rebound food. 

So you have been dumped, lost your love, your job or whatever then what happens next?

Something very vital must happen if you are to heal and heal sufficiently. To not rebound or take your drama baggage frequency and create another relationship like the one you had means being good to yourself now more than ever. It starts with an understanding that your are now in the ring . You must fight to get up, fight to make it work, fight to keep up your pretend for now self esteem in tact.

The Prize fighter spends all his/her life training and after a win or loss gathers themselves up and does it again . You are the same, no need to throw yourself under the buss. Trust me there will be others who with very little motivation are happy to oblige you. Start your new life with your middle finger waiting for them. 

Most important of all these things  is you must be kind to yourself, and not blaming yourself or judging that will keep you out of the victim triangle. Another vital survival tool is to respect time. You will recover, you were born without this person and you survived just fine before they were in your life. 

Expectations: Don't expect to get in the ring and win the first fight. That will take time. But by all means do get in the ring. Drop..Stop and drop you are not ready to win the fight you may get knocked out after a few rounds. But do get in the ring. You may only go a few rounds. be your corner manager, know when to ring the bell. retreat and fight again. You can do it. I promise

Now you can and must  become your own hero.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SPIRITUAL PROCTOLOGY 101- Clear the path

The Fuse Box

I was baffled. I could not figure out or see how significant the event was when my fuse box in my car got wet and it caused all kinds of car problems. There I stood in the rain getting soaked and wet in the windy Oregon coast removing the black cable from my car battery hopeful with the slim chance my car would start later. Now I understand when they say “ all is perfect and is as it should be.” At that time it sure did not feel like it. I came from a warm climate and was now freezing my ass at the beautiful coast. Why? Well I love my children they are here and I am so happy to be closer to them than 2000 miles away. Resolved not to give in to victim mentality I embraced the I can do this,  there is a reason , a good one I just do not know what it is yet. 

We call an event like this in Buddhism conspicuous and inconspicuous. That which is revealed now for your benefit and that which is revealed later, when it’s the right time.

For years I have studied with the masters, from the masters and the life of the masters, mentors, teachers from all walks of life. The Secret, the Hunna's. Well read in metaphysics, wealth consciousness, quantum physics scholar. That is good. However, nothing satisfied my thirst for answers until now. Not even the flowery, feel gooders in denial. You know the type, the Mr. Magoo type. I found them wasteful literally full of waste and trying to smell pretty using cute new age words. It stunk.
There are two mentors in my life which for two different reasons had a significant impact on my life. It changed me, right away with what they taught me.

One was Neville Goddard; his wisdom helped to create many mentors all over the world who achieved a higher life condition. Some of these mentors are from the movie The Secret and millions of others who have become successful. You can Google him .

The other is my friend the Grizzly who took me in when I was homeless. Grizzly taught me that regardless of how I felt about a situation I was going to arrive, get there anyway. So his wise words were since you are going to get there anyway may as well get there not stressed.

It is clear there is an  answer for everyone about everything for health, happiness, wealth. Yes I said everyone!!

Now that you read that how does that make you feel? Are you shocked? Do you think this is bullshit? Do you believe there are answers for your problem? Hell yes there are. . 

Here I give you the answers to life's most pressing issues, YOUR LIFE ANSWERS. Here is the recipe, unlike any recipe you have ever cooked; you are now cooking up an answer, a solution.

Ingredients: be present, be conscience, stick the denial in a drawer or up your patonka for a minute OK?

Take a problem, a worry, a concern, anything that you feel is pressing in your life,   in EFT emotional release technique it is called the MPI most pressing problem. Ok got stress about a problem an issue is it weight loss, lack of self esteem, financial safety? Good. Hold on to your hats honey.

Now know this: Every problem originated somewhere right? It had to have a beginning otherwise it is a dilemma, not a problem. A problem, an obstacle is a series of dilemmas, failed actions failed behaviors to correct the problem. For God’s sake something had to happen to create it.  

 Now I am going to show you how to get rid of it right now? And you of course you say" How do I do that" Or you tell me to go to hell, or whatever. Basically saying in a possessive way, YOU KNOW WHAT< THIS IS MY PROBLEM NOT YOURS OK? My answer to that is you have just accepted your problem, taken ownership of it and intensified your reasons for keeping it. Good luck with that.

Why have I taken you here so far? Simple
Within every problem is the solution, yes I said that. Look at Spontaneous healing . This confirms that years of disease or anything else can be removed instantly. Instantly because the cure was within the disease. Finally this phenomena confirms when a out of the clear blue sky a dying person or a supposedly dead person revives and comes back healthy and better than before. 

What amazes me is that this person had to suffer or actually die before they got it. Everything, absolutely everything that is to your well being is given to you. It all ready is there for you. God, the Universe, the Buddha (you) has provided it for you. One more time dear- Within the problem is the solution. But and a big BUTT why do you not see it, feel it, remove the stress or obstacle? Simple .. you are not open to receive.

If you have hurt or pain over a passing of a loved one are you open to receive what could stop your hurt or pain? If I gave you the solution to weight loss would you accept it?

Not really. Why? You are not at the frequency to be open to receive it. Your problem, stress, or issue creates a block, physically in your body. A headache sore spot at times, an illness. It is communicating with you for you to stop or start something yet you ignore it until it becomes critical.

Stay with me.

The Chinese of course set us up with the existence of meridians. Those meridians confirm pathways. Not just pathways, optimum function pathways . Think about it. Your are electrical and every day we are hooked up to any machines at a doctor’s office or anywhere try telling me you are not electrical? Then what are they recording  coming from your body?

So here it is. EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. This technique clears the stress the pathways, the issues, one by one. It makes the fuse box work. It starts with the MPI of your choice. MPI = most pressing issue.

Today is 2/11/2013 I am starting today to become the best me I all ready am, now open to receive to what I ask for from my heart and soul. Watch me make it happen. MPI most pressing issue #1 financial stability, security, safety, above and beyond discretionary income. Wealthy. Watch me…

Sunday, January 20, 2013

King Arthur / Lancelot Syndrome

Love gives and gives some more... Lust takes and takes some more. 
I will always show my support and you can count on me to what you say is important to you. Why do you think  you should treat me differently? Why is what is important to me not matter to you? That is not fair. Be fair

Most  women have what I call the King Arthur, Lancelot syndrome. You stay with Arthur as he brings the highest most noblest ideas and goals from our lives and helps guide them to fruition. We must have this . This is essential to our brain functions and hearts to function well. The ONE. The one who you know if you were sick would carry you, wipe you, feed you love you, sail a thousand ships for you. Arthur.

Then there is Lancelot. You know the one you are drawn to... that insatiable power, desire to be one with him. He can  have some Arthur qualities but your body mind must have this man. Often is preferable and possible.

So herein lies the conflict with many of us women. How can we ever be happy with both? Can we have both? 

Men do it all the time. They have Mistress they bang but will not leave their wives. Some actually respect both, each has their function. Problems occur when one attempts  to step away from the  role she has agreed to play and now wants to be the wife, or the wife tries to act like the mistress.

The same rules  apply to us as women with the King Arthur-Lancelot syndrome.  Which one do we choose? Which one will gives us ultimate happiness? While waiting for Mr. Both do we accept our fates and throw  the towel for the good guy in and  play with the bad boy? 

Here are some life rules that will help. Lancelot is not the bad boy. In fact he gives you a sense of calm and pleasure as essential to your well being as understanding is.Can you have both? Yes. Treat Arthur like the bad boy ( if you are attracted to him ). A smart man is easier to convince than one who thinks primarily with their loins . Get him to play ball (LOL) . Change the frequency up a bit.

It will be easier to convince a smart good man to be more like your lover than to get Lancelot to convert to best friend ,smart man mode.  
You can if you wish be risky and have both. Arthur will not take well if he finds out. Lancelot hates himself in the morning but bangs you over again. 

While healing from this syndrome we as women must remember that men have been doing this for centuries. They are good at it. We are just taking baby steps to getting what we want and need.

History has shown that King  Henry made all efforts to make Ann Bolin his queen , which is what she wanted. And? off came the neck anyway. 
How badly do you want Lancelot that you will risk losing Arthur? Only you can make that decision.